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Primary 1/2

This term in Primary 1/2, we are continuing to work on learning sounds to help us with reading and spelling. We are also practising our handwriting and will be trying to write in sentences. Our school focus in literacy this term is poetry and report writing, so we hope to produce some lovely poems and write some reports, with support. In Numeracy we are solving addition and subtraction problems; looking at place value; skip counting in at least 2s and 5s, which also helps us count money; making patterns and symmetrical drawings; naming shapes and looking at directions.

Our topic is Sustainability and Healthy Planet which will cover a wide range of areas including the environment/habitats and recycling, weather, the journey of food, life cycles, food chains, living and non-living things, water, the planet and plants. We hope all pupils will find most of these areas interesting and learn new things.